ACHS is committed to your success and considers a holistic review of your experience, background and skills when recommending your admission to the College.

All prospective students applying to ACHS must complete this Intake Assessment. Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete this intake assessment.


Please answer each section completely using complete sentences and appropriate punctuation and grammar. The ACHS Admissions Committee will review this intake assessment with any other submitted application materials including your official transcripts when making a decision on your acceptance to the College. Your Admissions Advisor will contact you to discuss your responses prior to presenting your application to the Admissions Committee.

Your responses should:

  • Highlight your accomplishments, perspectives, experiences, talents and achievements within the context of your social and personal circumstances.
  • Demonstrate participation in activities that develop academic, intellectual, and leadership abilities. 
  • Share how you will contribute to the many students and graduates of the ACHS worldwide holistic health community.

ACHS Intake Assessment

ACHS adopted use of the Oregon State University Insight Resume as part of its application process in August 2014. The following questions are adopted from the Insight Resume™: Leadership/Group Contributions, Knowledge in a Field/Creativity, Dealing with Adversity, Community Service, Handling Systemic Challenges, Goals/Task Commitment.

Insight Resume Copyright 2004 Oregon State University. All rights no licensed are reserved. Reprinted with permission from Oregon State University solely for internal use by American College of Healthcare Sciences. Any other publication or use is strictly prohibited.