ACHS has a Program Advisory Council, or PAC, for each of its departments of study (departments include: Aromatherapy, Dynamic Phytotherapy, Herbal Medicine, and Holistic Medicine). ACHS PACs are groups of industry and higher education experts who advise ACHS on the needs assessment and learning outcomes for new programs and revision of existing programs.

The ACHS PACs are made up of individuals with experience in the occupational field that the program serves as well as experts in higher education management, delivery of online instruction, and related areas of expertise. ACHS PACs are made up entirely of public members that are not otherwise contracted with or employed by the institution.

ACHS also has an Institutional Review Board (IRB) responsible for ensuring that research conducted with human participants complies with Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) requirements. The IRB is made up of ACHS faculty and administrators as well as a public member.

Please complete the form to the right to submit your nomination to join an ACHS PAC or the IRB. Thank you!


ACHS PAC or IRB Nomination Form

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